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Filename Version English Document Chinese Document Published Date
GD32F30x User Manual 2.2 2019-10-14

Introduction:GD32F30x series MCU User Manual of GD32F303/GD32F305/ GD32F307.

GD32F3x0 User Manual 2.1 2019-10-11

Introduction:GD32F3x0 series MCU User manual of GD32F330/GD32F350.

GD32VF103 Firmware Library User Guide 1.0 2019-10-08

Introduction:GD32VF103 Firmware Library User Guide.

Nuclei Studio Integrated Development Environment Usage Explanation Folder 1.0.0 2019-08-23

Introduction:Nuclei Studio IDE usage explanation folder shows how to use Nuclei Studio and GD32VF103xx RISC-V MCU series.

GD32F3x0 Firmware Library User Guide 1.0 2019-06-01

Introduction:GD32F3x0 Firmware Library User Guide.

GD32 USBFS/USBHS Firmware Library User Guide 1.0 2019-04-17

Introduction:GD32 USBFS/USBHS Firmware Library User Guide. Introduce the interface principle and firmware structure of USBFS/USBHS for GD32 MCU, show the USB host and device demo implementation.

GD32F30x Firmware Library User Guide 1.0 2019-03-15

Introduction:GD32F30x Firmware Library User Guide.

GD32F450 User Manual_EN_V1.2 1.2 none 2019-03-15


GD32E230 Firmware Library User Guide 1.0 2018-11-23

Introduction:GD32E230 Firmware Library User Guide.

GD32E10x Firmware Library User Guide 1.0 2018-06-06

Introduction:GD32E10x Firmware Library User Guide

AN007 Application note for using GD32F1x0 Pack in Keil5 1.0 2017-08-30

Introduction:AN007 is the application note for pack in Keil5 of GD32F1x0 series and compatibility between Keil4 & Keil5

GD32F4xx User Manual 1.2 2017-03-15

Introduction:User manual of GD32F450/407/405 series high-performance MCU.

AN006 Programming Notes for Reset 1.1 none 2016-11-16


GD-Link Adapter User Manual 1.0 none 2015-07-21

Introduction:User manual of GD-LinkAdapter.GD-Link adapter is a three-in-one multi-function development tool for GD32 series of MCUs. It provides CMSIS-DAP debugger port with JTAG/SWD interface. User can use GD-Link adapter for online programming or debug code in compatible IDE such as Keil or IAR. Another important function is offline programming.

AN002 Programming Flash Memory Manual 3.0 none 2015-03-05

Introduction:Application note of programming flash memory.

AN004 Silicon limitations 2.1 none 2015-03-05

Introduction:Application note to explain the silicon limitations of GD32F1 series device know at the release date of the document.

AN005 TSI Application Note 1.0 none 2014-10-22

Introduction:Application note to introduce the use-method of GD32F150xx TSI (Touch Sensor Interface) module.

AN003 ADC Application Note 1.0 none 2013-12-12

Introduction:Application note of GD32F10xxx ADC.

AN001 Software Migration Guide 1.1 none 2013-12-12

Introduction:Application note to explain how to migrate the software from different MCU platform to GD32F103xx.